It seems that Windows XP will never die!

Windows XP will never die it seems. ZDnet is reporting that Microsoft is warning of Destructive cyber attacks and releases patches for older, non supported operating systems yesterday.

They don’t make it easy

On the systems that I have looked at over the last couple of days, XP machines haven’t updated automatically, and the patches must be installed manually. This may change however. You can get more information on the vulnerabilities that are patched, and where to get the hot-fixes at Microsoft’s security advisory 4025685: Guidance for older platforms: June 13, 2017

Technically support has ended

Unless you are one of the few companies in the world paying a fools ransom to have access to official support to Windows XP still – you really shouldn’t be running it. It’s time to upgrade to a supported operating system if you want your information to continue to be secure.

If you have any XP Machines still running, get in touch. We can make sure you are secure, and help set a path to a better supported OS!



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