When your system is down...

...so is your business

Your technology is our business

For most small businesses, technology is necessary but neglected. You built your systems piecemeal. You don’t think about security until something goes wrong. And when a crisis hits, it’s stressful and expensive. Those days are over. Tech Ally is your proactive partner in IT services. For a set monthly fee, we provide accountable, consistent expertise. Tech Ally becomes part of your team, tailoring its services to your organization’s unique needs and strategic goals. Go ahead, do what you do best. We’ve got your IT covered.


Tech Ally is part of our team. They took the time to get a deep understanding of our firm, our challenges and our clients. Along with meeting our day-to-day needs, they also bring valuable process-improvement solutions. That’s huge. And they help us leverage new technology that increases the sophistication of how we work. It feels like we’re a different company now.

Owen Green, Co-founder

About us

Peter founded Tech Ally to share with other small businesses more than 20 years of his experience in the public and private sector. From working at IBM as a product manager to his time with the federal government at the Communications Security Establishment, he merges technical and business knowledge with an overarching focus on security. Peter also brings deep entrepreneurial know-how through his involvement with a number of his own family’s businesses over the years. He loves becoming part of your team, drawing on his diverse experience to help your venture grow and succeed.

“I founded Tech Ally to provide local small companies with the same sort of IT services my own family business needed.”
Peter Clark, Founder

Are technology challenges holding back your business?

Relax. We’ve got you covered. Let’s book a free, no-pressure meeting to discuss your technology needs and business goals and how our IT services can strategically support them both.


For one monthly fee, you have full access to our suite of IT support and services.

More than simply consultants, Tech Ally becomes a trusted team member, offering continuity, accountability and customized support. Along with monitoring and managing your IT systems, we work alongside clients to bring tech solutions to your business goals and challenges. From best practices, automation, onboarding and file management to software advice and liasing with vendors, we deal with the technology. You’re free to do your best work.

Outstanding customer service

We pride ourselves on our response time and first-time fix rate. When you have a problem, we’re there. No waiting in the queue for your call to be answered. No delays getting to a service ticket. One call or email, and we are on it, personable, polite and prompt.

Less Downtime

We know your time is money, that tech problems can crush profitability and productivity. That’s why we match our sense of urgency to yours. Our goal is to get you up and running as quick as possible, often in minutes. When you need us, we’re there.  


We are constantly working in the background, scanning for potential problems. Our preventative maintenance catches potential issues before they get to you. And the rare time there is a  problem, we take steps to ensure it won’t happen again.

Affordable Expertise

For as low at $95/month per user, you get all the benefits of your own IT department, without  the cost and administrative burden. Our flat-rate service plan is tailored to your organization’s specific needs. With everything included, there are no surprise fees.

Single point of service

All of your services through one contact. Gone are the days of separate providers who don’t work together. Tech Ally is your liaison for third-party services to ensure you’re getting the right technology and the best support.

Peace of Mind

Your days of tech headaches are over. Don’t worry about backups, data security or how to implement a new system. We manage your technology infrastructure using advanced remote support software.


As a solo entrepreneur, my computer is my business. If anything happens to my computer, I don’t worry. I know Peter’s going to fix it. He just makes everything so simple and easy. Now, I almost get excited when I have a problem. The support is immediate. And I carry right on.

Debbie Rathwell, Founder


We eliminate your tech hassles and fears

Your business needs technology to succeed in an increasingly digital world. But as it evolves at staggering speed, you are likely feeling overwhelmed by the options, costs and technical details. You’re not alone. Many small businesses take an ad-hoc approach to technology. It’s necessary, but not well understood or managed. And that makes you vulnerable. Tech Ally keeps your systems safe and optimized, so you don’t lose time or sleep worrying about your IT services.


Along with day-to-day IT support, we take the lead on vendor relationships, strategic planning, equipment purchases and projects. We’re with you every step of the way.


Whether it’s on a server or on the cloud, we  keep your data safe against ransomware and malware attacks, as well as theft, fire, and natural disasters. We offer automated backup and recovery solutions with multiple levels of redundancy. That important file will never be lost, even if you accidentally delete it.


We automate server and workstation maintenance tasks to ensure your systems run smoothly. Your software and systems will be kept up-to-date to ensure you continue operating in a secure and stable environment. No downtime. No data loss.


We customize a plan for your company’s needs. From simple accounts to full groupware with shared files, calendars, and mailboxes, we’ll implement the right-sized solution for your organization.


We identify and stop threats before they attack, and mitigate against future risk. Anti-Spam, VPN, Antivirus, Firewalls, and wifi access keep your network secure without sacrificing usability for your employees.


Your website is your business’s public face online. You don’t want it compromised. We offer our high-performance hosting server exclusively to our managed customers. We include sysadmin-level support to keep your website, domains and DNS services secure and up-to-date, so your public face is safe.


Expanding? Have a new initiative  or outdated process that needs a technology-based solution? Big or small, we will help you through these projects to ensure technology works with you, not against you.


Voice over Internet Protocol is an increasingly popular and affordable alternative to traditional phone systems. We take care of installation and maintenance, so you never miss an important call.

Are IT challenges consuming your time and profits?

Are you struggling to keep your software and security current? Overwhelmed by emerging technologies? Relax. We’ve got you covered. Let’s book a free, no-pressure meeting to discuss your technology needs and business goals and how our IT services can strategically support them both.

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