Managed IT Services: Working for you behind the scenes

Managed IT services, working even though you can’t always see it

At Tech Ally with our Managed IT Services, we always work for our clients behind the scenes. You’ll often not even realize that we are there, but be sure we are constantly monitoring and investigating. Alerts and reports are created specifically for each customer to monitor what is most important to them. This information is then reviewed regularly, and tracked over time to discover problems. These problems can be found sometimes even before they fully show themselves.

We recently had a customer who’s main server could have crashed, but due to our automated alerts and monitoring, Tech Ally noticed and fixed the problem early. The client never knew that there was an issue. Things just continued to work as normal.

This is the value of Managed IT services.

Through our automated monitoring, we were alerted to a problem with an update service. It had started creating thousands of corrupted log files that stayed around in the system without being cleaned up. Once the issue was identified and investigated, we found that over 200 gigs of these junk files were slowly filling up the available space on their server.  Without intervening in the rate of production of those files the system have completely filled in less than 5 days. At that point the system would likely crashed, and become unusable until the problem was investigated and fixed.

15 minutes of maintenance prevented a half day of downtime

Our client could have had a bad day. Downtime means not serving your customers, and costs you revenue. If the problem was allowed to continue the investigation and remediation would have been during the time when you need the system up. The costs of regular monitoring and maintenance are small compared to the alternatives. Don’t have your day ruined, contact us to find out how we can take over the management and monitoring of your important systems, so you can focus on what is important to you.



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