Managed Backups: The best way to protect your data

Managed backups are the best way to ensure your critical data is secure, without the hassle of trying to do it yourself. It offers one less thing you need to worry about and ensures the safety of your information. Backups are monitored remotely and alert the provider if there are any problems. Testing of the backups, and recovery options are also included when you choose a managed backup provider.

What and where to backup?

Managed backup plans are not only for cloud based backups as you would expect. With Tech Ally, a plan made whether onsite, cloud based, or a hybrid of the two. This is based on the needs and potential recovery plans that the client chooses. Low tech threats are still a significant worry. Fire, flood, theft, or bad hardware are still some of the top reasons to have a solid backup. With these and newer threats, a hybrid approach offers the best protection with data being available locally, while also being safely stored and encrypted in the cloud. If anything happens on site, your data will still be safe – without having to remember to swap and lug drives home.

Ransomware leading the call for better backups

Ransomware is becoming more common, and is one of the scariest things that we’ve seen in a while. Once you are infected with the malware, it will encrypt all of your files, and demands payment in order to get the decryption key. This made a high profile case recently with and effectively. Restoring to a dis-similar systems, such as a new server, or doing a virtual recovery into the cloud to speed up the process is something that needs to be addressed when deciding on your recovery plans.

True backups are needed

Don’t be fooled, cloud-based file storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc) are not backup solutions. These services only offer limited versioning support, and have very limited retention for deleted files. They are useful for sharing files among multiple devices, but by relying on them solely for backup purposes could leave you in the same position as this guy, who lost a lot of files – thinking they were safe.

Small businesses rely on the data that they hold in their computers more and more. It’s essential to ensure that the full backup process works, is monitored, and tested regularly. This ensure that if something disastrous does happen, recovery is quick and reliable. For more information on how Tech Ally can help you keep your data safe visit our Managed Backup page, or contact us at any time.



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