End of Support: Products you’re using are out of time.

Time is running out!

So you’re still running old software – no worries – right? Not quite. Paying close attention to the end of support dates of your systems and applications is essential to reliability and security of your systems, but there are real risks associated with doing so.

Security Vulnerabilities: New vulnerabilities are discovered every day. Older products are now a minefield of security time bombs waiting to go off. For this reason alone you should update your software. Firewalls and Anti-Virus is not enough to protect your systems.

Software Incompatibility: Newer applications are optimized for newer operating systems. This often means that if you’re sticking to an older OS, or other programs, you won’t be able to get the benefits of newer ones.

Compliance Issues: If you’re in a regulated industry be aware that entrusting your critical information to a decade old OS, or insecure applications could result in you falling out of compliance.

Higher Operating Costs: Maintaining older systems is consistently more expensive than implementing a proper life-cycle plan. Fixing issues just takes more time without the proper support in place. Older applications tend to become more “fragile” in their age, as incompatibility with drivers, and other software programs can make them more prone to failure.

Microsoft End of Support Dates

End of Support dates for a number of Microsoft products are quickly approaching:

July 9th, 2019:

January 14th, 2020:

October 13th, 2020:

Tech Ally can help

If you have products that need to be updated, get in touch! We can help you migrate to newer products and get you on a good life-cycle management plan schedule to ensure that your company, and it’s information stays safe.



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