Risky Business – Security needs more attention in Small Businesses

It’s risky creating contracts or signing agreements without input from your Lawyer.
It’s risky filing your taxes without it being reviewed by an Accountant
It’s really risky not securing your information and assets without the help of a Cyber Security Specialist.

Being an entrepreneur means wearing many hats throughout the day – however not being an expert in all the areas that we touch on a regular basis means we could be putting ourselves at risk. Many of us know our limitations and will enlist expert help from Lawyers and Accountants to help us navigate. Unfortunately, many business owners fail to understand the risks associated with the technology in use today, yet don’t bring in outside help to reduce that risk.

You are a target

According to Cisco/Cybersecurity Ventures 2019 Cyber Security Almanac, nearly half of all cyber attacks are committed against small businesses – and a significant percentage of those who are breached are out of business within 6 months. You’re not being targeted because of who you are, instead you’re being targeted because you’re a participant on the internet. Attack surfaces are wide due to the simplicity and low cost of operation – but if successful, even with only a handful of victims, can be quite profitable. 

Think about your business. 

What would it cost you if you couldn’t access your data; for a day?; a week?; ever again?
What would it cost you if your customers lost their trust in your ability to keep their information private and safe?
What would it cost you if your data was changed without your knowledge?

These are some of the foundational questions that we ask when conducting a risk assessment. Securing your business starts with knowing what you’re trying to protect, and the impact of various threats against the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of your information and assets.

Implement safeguards

There are some simple changes that can make a big impact. 

  • Enabling Multi Factor Authentication greatly increases the security of your online accounts. 
  • Using a password manager to use different passwords on all your services. 
  • Adopting trusted Antivirus solutions with web & email filtering.
  • Patching your computer and applications regularly.
  • And most important good backups of all your data –  to keep your business going even when there is a breach.

There is no “one size fits all” solution. People, Policies and Processes, and Technology all must work together in a layered approach to reduce the risk.

Tech Ally is here to help guide you through your security needs. Contact us for a free analysis on what can be done to better secure your business.



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